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Sustainable fashion in Seattle has surged in recent years. With hundreds of fashion companies in the greater Seattle area, diverse quality garments and accessories have become more accessible. Companies such as Filson and Eddie Bauer have supplied classic, outdoor clothing for decades but style in the Emerald City seems to be morphing in the past few years, with designers and companies moving in a more sustainable direction. From clothing to accessories, these young brands are integrating eco-responsibility into Seattle’s fashion scene. Through incorporating recycled, repurposed and organic materials as well as ethical sourcing and fair labour practice, these companies are leading the way forward for sustainable style.


In the photo: Blackest Black Distressed Amor Sweater from The Capsule Collection.  Photo Credit: Stone Crow Designs

Sustainable style is making waves in Seattle, so if you want to know how to get your environmentally conscious closet started, look no further—below are a few of Seattle’s Most Sustainable:

Created by Jennifer Charkow, Stone Crow Designs uses organic and recycled materials to produce pieces that are both comfortable and cool. In true Seattle style, Charkow creates unapologetically edgy, grunge-inspired garments. Her latest collection, inspired by a Japanese resist dyeing technique called shibori, which creates patterns in fabric, blends luxurious and cozy eco-friendly fabrics. Incorporating materials like bamboo and organic cotton, Charkow takes avant-garde design and makes it accessible to the everyday person—punk rock meets couture chic.


In the photo: Seattle artist, DoNormaal, styled by Prairie Underground designer Davora Lindner.  Photo Credit: Prairie Underground

With every garment made to be versatile and durable, Prairie Underground is dedicated to ensuring that all their garments are ethically and ecologically sustainable. Founded by designers Camilla Eckersely and Davora Lindner, the brand emboldens its customer to express their individuality while still caring for their bodies and the environment at the same time. Using only hemp, organic cotton, repreve (recycled fiber) and tencel (fiber made from wood pulp), the company believes that sustainability is not only about evolving how clothing is made but also about changing the approach to how it’s obtained and cared for.


In the photo: An artisan moulding a shoe in Fuchsia’s workshop in Sangla Hill.  Photo Credit: Fuchsia

Sustainable footwear company, Fuchsia, provides high-quality, hand made, environmentally responsible shoes that support their artisans based in Sangla Hill, a remote town outside Faisalabad in Pakistan. Advocating against unfair labour and the poor treatment of workers in sweatshop conditions, Fuchsia ensures that these artisans and their loved ones receive shelter, education and healthcare. From leather-cutting to intricate embroidery work, Fuchsia’s artisans craft each shoe by hand from locally sourced natural leather. Unused fabric and leftover leather is then recycled and sold to other accessories manufacturers in the area to limit waste. The final product is an ultra-comfortable ballet flat, that not only benefits the consumer but also the incredible craftspeople that create them.


In the photo: A dichroic glass pendant created by glass artist Kyle Kinsey. Photo Credit: Fusion in Glass

Created by glass artist Kyle von Wrangel Kinsey, Fusion in Glass specialises in dichroic glass jewellery, produced by coating glass with multiple layers of metallic oxides. Each jewellery piece is conceived and crafted by hand by Kinsey himself and features rich colours that dazzle in the light. Apart from his online store, Kinsey displays his vibrant and detailed glass work at Pike Place Market every day of the week. So, stop by if you want some insight into how he creates these beautiful pieces of art.


In the photo: Founders Bill and Leah in their first brick and mortar store.  Photo Credit: Baleen

Created in 2013, Baleen is the passion project of Bill and Leah, a couple who believe that quality handmade jewellery should be accessible and available at an affordable price. Working with a small group of artisans, Baleen jewellery is nickel-free and the company practices a zero-waste policy, using predominantly recycled metals. Having opened their first brick and mortar store in the Ballard neighbourhood, Baleen creates well-designed, beautiful pieces that are both thoughtful and timeless.

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